Having experienced many differing tools for individual & team development, the set of Odin ‘tools’ & support provided by their very experienced team in my view is second to none. (extract) —Rick Briant  HR Director / Bis Industries


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What others are saying about us:

Odin has changed my life. It gave me insight I never had into how my unconscious behaviour
has hindered my potential for 40 years. By being aware I have been able to modify my behaviour
and as a result my personal relationships are much richer. I am also now tuned into other people
and their personal state in a completely different manner that has enabled me to change how I
interact with them in order to help them be more effective and in turn help me be a more effective
­—Nick Todhunter
 |  CFO @ GenesisCare

The suite of products used by Odin provides valuable and meaningful insight into both individual
and team profiles.  Adding to this is the individual 360 feedback process, which augments the ODC
process by providing leader, peer and team member feedback.  Individuals and teams gain a
thorough insight into individual and team based strengths, preferred operating styles, behaviours
and critically areas where improvement focus is needed. The support provided by the Odin team
along a very insightful journey of ‘discovery’ is second to none. Having experienced many differing
tools used within this area of individual and team based development, the set of Odin ‘tools’ and
support provided by their very experienced team of coaches in my view is second to none.
—Rick Briant  | Director People and Organisation @ Bis Industries

The Odin Development Compass confirmed my understanding of some of my strengths but also
identified areas where I have a natural ability to perform well but had not yet developed these skills.
These are in areas in which I previously thought I would struggle to be a high performer.  Being
informed that I have a natural ability for these areas has inspired me and given me the confidence
that I needed to overcome some mental hurdles and aim to achieve my full potential.
—Antonia Abelson  |  Business Analyst @ GenesisCare

I found the Odin Development Compass very beneficial as it enhances my own personal career
development. There are several reasons:
1. It was applicable to my personal situation 2. It highlights my personal limitations as a person and
how I could overcome those 3. It sets out a structure for my tasks before I start the process 4. It gives
me structure and process for managing upwards as well as downwards.
—Jack Dinh  |  Finance Practice Partner @ GenesisCare

I didn’t know it was possible to so easily read into the subconscious or to what depths the answers
you find illuminated. The ODIN left me thinking for days about the path my life has taken due to a frame
of mind I held but was unaware of. It was brought into focus. For such a seemingly simple tool the ODIN
revealed so much.
—MK Pilot

I have been exposed to a wide variety of personality profiling approaches both as an executive (client) as
well as a facilitator of assessments. I found the Odin produced valuable, rich insight into both my personal
and professional experiences as well as offering powerful practical applications for ongoing development.
The fact that the assessment is very time efficient makes Odin a valuable executive level tool. I highly
recommend the experience.
—Grant Schmidt
HR Executive

It’s a breakthrough in revealing how people really tick and improving their job performance. 100 times
better than the MBTI—in fact, it’s MBTI on steroids.”

HR Professional

Experiencing the Odin was an excellent experience for me. I am struck at usefulness of the feedback
compared to others. The Odin coaching gave me easy to grasp concepts to understand my vulnerabilities
and even more importantly areas of potential development to strengthen and support my leadership skills.
This is a positive experience and leads to personal insights.
Senior NSW Government Executive